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Source2Gather is a collaborative platform created by DCHI, that aims to inspire, inform and engage humanitarian professionals and entrepreneurs, and empower those of us who think in opportunities in the midst of a crisis.

Let’s continue building this platform as new solutions emerge. Join our growing community of innovators by showcasing your projects that are tackling identified problems, or submit new challenges you would like an outside-in perspective for.

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Featured Call to Action:

DSS Summer Accelerator!

The Dutch Surge Support (DSS) water programme have called upon the humanitarian sector to leverage the innovation capacity from private partners. Several organisations have taken on the adventure with us, and committed to scope and shape the right questions that will trigger open innovation and tackle a humanitarian challenge. 

They have been working hard to sharpen their focus, and launch their call to actions, to attract impact partners. Offer your help below each call to action, and lets start collaborating!


IHIP Call to Action

Be part of the community of practitioners that are experimenting with the new harmonised conditions of contract for construction for the humanitarian WASH sector.

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ICRC Call to Action

By 2025, in Goma, DRC, more than 300,000 people will lack access to safe water representing a significant threat to public health. This requires investing in infrastructure now and setting up a sustainable operational model. This is something the ICRC cannot achieve alone.

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IOM Call to Action

Displaced communities are confronted with multiple environmental hazards that impact life-saving WASH services, which further harms public health, well-being and dignity. What if WASH stakeholders were equipped with contextualized data to prepare for this?

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Recently shared solutions

Micro Infrastructure Projects

Micro Infrastructure are small-scale infrastructure investments for villages where the poorest 1-2 billion people live. Without access to clean energy, water, modern agriculture tools and finance for them, escaping poverty is impossible. However, the microfinance industry do not lend for such technology and big infra doesn’t reach the (rural) poor

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d.light Rapid Response Rural Healthcare Electrification Solution

We have prepared a solar bundle to empower frontline primary healthcare facilities in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. The bundle combines all the basic support elements to support and scale under-resourced primary healthcare services. The solution is modular, cost-effective, and can be financed on credit terms.

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This is an initiative to promote Productive Use of Energy in rural and peri-urban areas. WFA(women feed Africa) developed a new technology-based concept to deliver energy, from generating point to the point of use, without wires, thus extending Solar Mini Grid range with no additional costs and boosting new clients’ number and energy demand.

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Hygiene and medical supplies

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Information sharing

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Promotion of new behaviour

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Impact on vulnerable populations

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Modern Energy

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Humanitarian Challenge Competition Finalists

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Missing One? Get in touch

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Source2Gather is a platform initiated by DCHI and its community. The platform is currently in beta and we are discovering and developing together with our users. The solutions are to inspire and inform, and have not all been tested in relation to COVID-19. Please share your feedback and ideas with us.