Source2Gather is an initiative powered by The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI)

Our mission is to increase the impact of emergency aid through innovating with public and private partners. Our ambition for this platform is to continue engaging those passionate about humantiarian impact.


The global pandemic is significantly impacting all of us. Humanitarian actors must consider the wider implications of the pandemic at the same time as they respond to the urgent needs of affected populations. It has presented an overwhelming number of new challenges and cross-sectoral thinking has taken centre stage to identify these emerging needs, and to offer innovative solutions. By keeping each other informed, we can continue enriching our innovative mindset and work efficiently together, to respond to these unprecedented times. 

This platform is still in the stage of being a prototype. We’re working hard behind the scenes to realise a truly interactive space were co-creation can flourish. Watch this space!

About DCHI


The Coalition brings together governmental actors, knowledge institutes, academia, businesses, and humanitarian organizations in order to jointly find, develop and scale innovative solutions, to emerging challenges. We represent a dynamic movement that leverages the power of resources, expertise and capabilities in the Netherlands to support humanitarian innovation for global impact. 

The Need for Humanitarian Innovation


In the last ten years the need for humanitarian assistance has grown and become more complex. The amount of funding requested through inter-agency appeals has tripled, and the number of people targeted was four times as high in 2016 compared to 2006.

Innovation is needed to meet the changing needs, increase efficiency and effectively use available resources. However, the current approach to innovation in the humanitarian domain is often inadequate. Resources for research and development are lacking, innovative solutions are developed in isolation, and success is not being shared. Too often, innovation efforts fail to build on solutions already developed elsewhere, and the people involved in these efforts, do not manage to tap into the wealth of expertise around them.

We Empower the Innovator in You 


Our goal is to advocate for transformative change in the humanitarian sector through innovation. We do this by sharing current trends and best practicesconnecting different stakeholders to encourage collaboration, and inspire the coalition with the innovative work of our partners to continue learning from one another. Ultimately, we believe through sharing insights, building alliances and continued collaboration, that together we can realize impact through innovation and improve humanitarian responses. 

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