Promoting community resilience through tech-enabled asset protection for livestock farmers and income generation for women.

Our Story

In 2019-20, livestock contributed 60.6% of the total agricultural yield in Pakistan and for 8 million rural farmer-families, livestock contributed to 35-40% of their total income, subsequently ensuring food security for them.

On the other hand, in arid regions like Thar, drought has resulted in local crop failure, death of livestock and the overall socioeconomic degradation of the Thari community.

It is home to 1.8 million livestock animals which constitutes 80% of its local economy, twice more than its human population. In fact, Tharparkar has twice the number of cattle compared to people.

We decided to change the narrative with the use of technology. We introduced a ‘pro-resilience’ package–a first, for this population. We aimed to cover the livelihood of over 4,000 livestock farmers across 20 villages.

Our project ‘ ‘Muhnjo Sohno Thar’ (My Beautiful Thar) is focused on using the power of mobile technology to build resilience of the Thari indigenous people via asset protection and income generation of women who otherwise are at increased risk of forced displacement due to climate-change induced drought.

What Next?

To date, we’ve vaccinated 2,000 animals with 832 livestock covered. Overall, 142 livestock farmers are protected under this program.

We aim to enroll 250,000 livestock by 2025 and reduce forced displacement of 20,000 Tharis.

Support our livelihood protection initiative to protect Pakistan’s climate vulnerable agri-value chain!

Deadline 01/07/2021

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