Empower Women to take their Energy Decision for a more resilient community in West Africa  

CARE Netherlands


Modern energy technology, like improved stoves, has been available and more profitable for over 25 years. However, they aren’t being used, as social norms prevent their introduction in parts of West Africa.

Women are overloaded with tasks, and so they lack time for income generating activities and participation on decisions. An energy efficient technology like biogas for cooking can reduce cooking time from 3 hours cooking to 45 min in comparison to wood. This woud free up more than 2 hours for every meal, 7 days a week. This way, women could gain 30hrs per week that could be used for income generating activities, participation in meetings and to engage in decision making and in the wider community; all of this could be achieved if social norms would allow them to invest in a time-saving, modern energy solution. Women would create more income and are empowered in a resilient, inclusive community. 

CARE would like to work on the change of the social norms to overcome the barriers preventing the use of modern energy solutions for cooking, processing, light, cooling and communication.

We are looking for an organizations/partner to help with:
– promoting and providing time saving, energy efficient and economic acceptable solutions for women
– offering a technical understanding and an economic analysis of modern energy

Please reach out to us: Angelika Kessler (kessler@carenederland.org) or Richard Kooge (kooge@carenederland.org)


This call will run on a rolling basis with the final deadline on 21st December 2020


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