People often have lost agricultural assets and need to live in a new location: therefore they often lack hope and need a new perspective on the future for their agricultural livelihood. We dream of communities that have rediscovered hope and start livelihoods again.

Our Story

When I was in South Sudan, we visited a woman in her tukul (hut). She, together with her 4 children, was sitting in her tukul and in her eyes you could read the hopelessness.

On the question why she didn’t restart agricultural activities, since it was the season, she answered that she had no seeds to start with and besides that, some of the plots could still have mines, so she was afraid to dig. For a long time she was already depending on food aid. In fact not only she, but her whole village lost hope and confidence to restart farming again, since the last years the problems of having no seeds, fights in the area and hopelessness has paralysed all village members.

When I heard this story, I was just saying out loud to myself: This is unacceptable! The land is there, the rain is there, Yes seeds and hope are missing but can we help her out? Can we assist her to restart her agriculture activities? So she can provide food again for herself and her family instead of staying depending on food aid. I was thinking of the PIP approach. That methodology is doing so well for farmers in development settings. Can PIP help her as well? It will be not easy but there must be a way! Maybe other organisations can help us co -creating a way out? I see a world to win when we could help such women like her. To assist her with hope & dignity and a healthy daily diet for her and her children. And besides that, to help her make a vision for the future again and help HER reaching that vision.

While sitting in the car, driving back to my hotel my mind was scanning: which organisation recognise the same problem and could help me out?

Help A Child is already doing short term Food Security relief assistance, group based MHPSS and PIP in stable locations. It lacks the specialized and focused MHPSS knowledge (tier 1 and 2 IASC MHPSS levels) as well as knowledge on peacebuilding. It also needs specific expertise on how to tailor the PIP method to a recovery situation. We are looking for partners who can help us to develop this holistic triple Nexus concept in order to be there for people who are in need. Can you help?

Deadline 30/06/2021

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