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Human Aid Now


Our Story

When in 2016 some Balkan countries closed their borders for Syrian refugees, thousands of people were stranded in Northern Greece, without any facilities being there for them. Local citizens started to supply food and basic help, alongside many grassroots volunteer teams from throughout Europe arriving to help. This is where Human Aid Now started.

After running food distributions projects, we identified a big issue: in this world of unplannable and improvised humanitarian aid, successful projects are driven by key volunteers that weren’t able to stay in Greece long-term for financial reasons.

We decided to change that by starting to help these key volunteers to run their project in a professional and sustainable way.

Human Aid Now provides them with a small monthly stipend to cover their living costs and we help create a legal framework for their activities. Furthermore we aid: fundraising efforts; managing a team of volunteers; organizing a safe and responsible working environment; finding resources, organizing logistics and much more. This is the Help a Hero program!

What Next?

Now it’s time to make the next leap forward: from personal support for a group of these heroes, to a place to share our knowledge, resources and network to all key grassroots volunteers in humanitarian aid. We aim to create a bridge between these driven and passionate volunteers and our professional network of legal advisors, consultancies and more, also allowing this group to take their social responsibility.

There is much at stake here: there are almost 100.000 refugees in Greece alone, that are depending on grassroots help. We are already supporting volunteers to provide food, clothes, medicine and legal aid to thousands of them and we believe we can multiply our impact by opening up our work.

Are you able to help us build and maintain a centre of expertise or would your knowledge and resources be valuable to a grassroots humanitarian aid team, please contact us!

Finding Impact Allies

We are looking for partners! Do you have experience or knowledge about relevant digital tools? How do you maintain it? Or, do you have useful resources or knowledge to share from our center of expertise to our grassroots volunteers? Help us increasing our impact, let’s talk!

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