How to make multi-sector collaborations work for the water sector in a fragile setting

By 2025, in Goma, DRC, more than 300,000 people will lack access to safe water representing a significant threat to public health. This requires investing in infrastructure now and setting up a sustainable operational model. This is something the ICRC cannot achieve alone.

In the past couple of years, ICRC has developed bilateral relations with several potential partners (donors, development agencies, local organizations, etc.) but we didn’t manage yet to formally create a joint and synchronized effort. We are trying new actions without really being able to know if those will eventually remove some of the barriers we are facing.
For example, we struggle to ensure coordination of efforts from various partners as they are all formulating plans which might be sometimes contradicting or duplicating each other. While we are in full control of the action led from our side, we have more difficulties to influence the actions of others and ensure that they would be complementary to ours and those of other actors in the water sector in Goma.
Without an active coalition, the water infrastructure and a sustainable operation model will not be set up.

Call for Help

People in Goma need water, we can do this but not alone, can you help us build this coalition and make it work?

Deadline 01/09/2021

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