Upgrading the Somalian cattle industry from a poor mans industry to the engine of change in Somalia



To change the nomadic way into a sustainable sector, whereby farmers are organized into cooperatives and the dairy camels are kept in a cattle farm. With improved feed made from fish waste and grain waste. This approach will revolutionize the cattle sector in Somalia into a thriving new industry.

Somalia is home to the world’s largest camel population, with pastoralism of camels and other livestock providing livelihoods for nearly 60 percent of the Somali people.

Stichting Kaalo Nederland (SKN) started two years ago with organizing the camel farmers (nomads) into a cooperation. The objective was to make them independent from middlemen, who were buying the milk at bottom prices while selling it at high prices in the remote cities. The nomads had no choice as they had no means to transport their milk.

However by cooperating with SKN the milk was collected, bottled and transported to Garowe and other places. There it was sold at market prices, which were at least twice as much. As dairy camels are in need of protein for their milk production, SKN supplied them with a soup with fish as major ingredient. The fish was supplied by Hodan Fishing Company, who was helped by SKN setting up a modern fish processing plant. In the future SKN hopes to set up a fish silage plant which turns fish waste into protein rich cattle feed. Now the waste is throwing back into the sea.

The cattle farm will be equipped with a hydroponic unit and cool tanks. Including the fish silage feed this will increase the income of the cooperation with a factor 8 to 12, while the milk will only have to be transported once a day to the shops. Imagine what it means for the economy when this approach is copied all over Somalia!

To scale this up we need qualified people in different fields like management, administration, HR and technical professions. To speed this up we are looking for professional organizations with the same ideals like us. Please assist us to accomplish our goals and to make a lasting livelihood improvement for Somali pastoralists.

Mr. Abdisalam Ali – 06.46576271 info@kaalonederland.or or fkarood@hotmail.com
Mr. John Limmen – 06.11588898 rainbowagro@ziggo.nl (Advisor)

www. Kaalonederland.org


This call will run on a rolling basis with the final deadline on 21st December 2020


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