Leaving no one behind: co-creating new energy models that fit the (financial) reality of communities in rural areas and refugee settings in South Sudan and Uganda.

Oxfam Novib


While energy drives development, it is not a luxury. To ensure access to energy for all, not just the lucky few, Oxfam wants to bridge the gap between where business traditionally stops, and humanitarian aid begins by working together to create alternative, sustainable models and strategies.

Unequal access to sustainable energy widens the existing social and economical gap in society. Oxfam in South Sudan, for example, has been trying to address this imbalance for decades – but progress is slow, and new ways of working are needed to achieve lasting, positive change.

While in Europe a power outage feels like a disruption of our private and professional life, many communities in South Sudan have never had energy to light their homes. Nyapam, for example, is a 38-year old female trader, who runs a small shop in Akobo. Because of the distance and the danger of walking in the dark, she can only open the shop for approximately four hours a day. Three of her sisters have experienced gender-based violence in the past, and 80% of all violence against women is considered a result of the absence of light.

Her husband works as fisherman. He catches enough to market the fish to Juba and Gambella, but without energy, he is unable to process and dry the fish. As a result, his only option is to sell them against a cheaper price in the local market. Across the river, in neighboring Ethiopia, they do have power. To enable her children to study in a well-lit school and home, Nyapam sent her children to live with a relative. Life on the border remains challenging, and many communities in South Sudan remain in need of new, sustainable solutions and services – as access to energy will significantly increase their safety, income and wellbeing.

An innovative solution requires the right set of actors to complement each other and successfully scale up impact. Oxfam offers access to new markets and communities in rural areas and refugee settings, a strong understanding of the local context, and the ability to facilitate processes of co-creation with targeted communities. Will you join us with sustainable technical solutions and services to extend your reach and deepen your impact?

Elsa van Zoest – Humanitarian project leader at Oxfam Novib

This call will run on a rolling basis with the final deadline on 21st December 2020


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