Entrepreneurial youth can bridge the gap to energy access and its productive use in (post-) conflict and humanitarian settings



Help communities in (post-) conflict/humanitarian settings, in which we are already actively involved, transform through building our capacity to promote market-based renewable energy solutions employing youth in its supply and productive use.

My name is David, I am 18 years old displaced by conflict from my rural home town in North Kivu. I am afraid of becoming part of the M23 rebel group, as they approached me 6 months ago in Goma (DRC). They offered me money which my family desperately needs. I don’t know what to do. If I had my own income I would never join them. I dreamt about having my own business. I see many people around me having their own small businesses and they are able to make some money, but I think they could even increase their profits when they get access to electricity. I see more and more solar panels being installed, and I really would like to do that myself. I think that I can make a business out of that. But how can I do that?

6 months later Tearfund has trained me to install/ maintain solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, and also in business skills. With access to finance, I have started my own small business supplying solar kits to the fish farming for freezing and refrigeration. I have no hesitation saying “No” when M23 now try to recruit me.

We would like to partner with organizations with experience and/or knowledge of fostering productive use of renewable energy and its supply in humanitarian settings (e.g. emergency response, clean cooking, fishing, small service businesses, water yards, etc.); we ask how can we integrate into our humanitarian work (relief support, early recovery, disaster risk reduction) jobs for youth in locally-owned supply of renewable/clean energy and in creating demand for its productive use?

Please contact Thomas Giblin (​tgiblin@tearfund.org​), +44 7931469236 (organizations based in the UK and other countries) & Cornelis de Schipper (cdeschipper@tear.nl​), + 31 (0)6-28404693 (organizations based in the Netherlands) to get more information about the process and the background. We are looking forward to having a first conversation over a cup of coffee getting to know each other!

This call will run on a rolling basis with the final deadline on 21st December 2020


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