There is a lack of protective gear for Health Care workers

The Corona-virus is extremely contagious and those at the frontlines are at the greatest risk of becoming infected. Especially facial masks are in high demand and many solutions and alternatives are being offered.

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Hygiene and Medical Supplies

Filtration technique used for development face masks

MANN+HUMMEL has repeatedly demonstrated this competence in successfully transferring technology and know-how to new applications. The company is now using its filtration competence from the automotive industry to build up and drive the production and supply of facemasks.

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Hygiene and Medical Supplies

Mouthmask Factory

In response to the shortage of medical facemasks in the Netherlands, the Philips Foundation granted a loan for two mask-making machines to accelerate production. A significant amount of the production, carried out by social enterprise Mondmaskerfabriek, will be made available for refugee camps bordering Europe.

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