Clean energy for the development of a bright Sudanese future

UNICEF Netherlands


In Sudan – the third largest country in Africa – more than three million children are out-of-school. They live in remote villages, conflict-affected areas, or they lead a nomadic lifestyle. These boys and girls can’t wait to learn how to read, write and count.

It’s a morning in the small village of Tamantay in Kassale, east of Sudan. The whole community has gathered in front of a brightly blue-painted building. Blue, the colour of hope, the colour of education, the colour of UNICEF. Inside the building, around hundred girls have their eyes fixed on us. Eyes full of curiosity and hope, It’s their first day, ever, in a classroom. Besides their daily activities such as collecting water and firewood, herding sheep and preparing food, these girls will also learn to read, write and count. They will be the first people in their community to get an education.

The Can’t Wait to Learn programme offers out-of-school children an innovative education programme: an e-learning programme on solar-powered tablets. To facilitate learning with pencils and paper as well, the Lighting for Learning project was initiated to provide the children with light at home. Solar units were distributed to households, so children have light to practice their writing in the evening.

Local people were trained to fix any malfunctioning solar units and to establish and keep running a revolving funds mechanism. This way, these people get themselves an income while contributing to the longevity and extension of the program.

Despite having achieved a lot already, UNICEF needs an exchange of knowledge and experience on the topic of clean energy to realize this better future, with children in villages like Tamantay being aware of their rights and feeling enabled. Besides that, seed funding is needed to extend and broaden the program on clean energy, impacting the social well-being of children and the society.

Do you have relevant knowledge on or experience in the topic of clean energy in humanitarian settings? Are you able to help us extend this program by providing seed funding? And most important, do you envision the same bright future for these disadvantaged children in Sudan as we do?

If so, please reach out to us by sending an email to or

This call will run on a rolling basis with the final deadline on 21st December 2020


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