Water and Soap Scarcity in the Camps for Hand-Washing

Given the proven importance of hand washing against the spread of the virus, water and soap scarcity pose a real threat to areas where people live in densely populated areas. The risk of the virus spreading due to lacking access to water and soap, has the potential to quicken the spread of the virus and worsen existing issues.


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Hygiene and Medical Supplies, Promoting new behaviour

Tippy Taps

This is a very simple technology which people can be trained on easily and possibly also remotely via leaflets/ radio. It should be part of hygiene awareness campaign to teach people the critical times to wash their hand to prevent the spread of many communal disease like COVID-19.

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Hygiene and Medical Supplies


Access to handwashing facilities in humanitarian emergencies are limited or non-existent. Supertowelâ„¢ is a reusable and highly durable towel that includes a permanently bonded anti-microbial layer designed to provide clean hands without soap, only with a small amount of water.

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Promoting new behaviour, Hygiene and Medical Supplies

Foot-operated Handwashing Unit

The foot operated handwashing unit allows people to wash their hands without touching a tap. The taps have proven a simple yet highly effective way to battle COVID-19, enabling hand washing without contaminating sink fixtures or threatening personal sanitation once hands are clean.

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Promoting new behaviour, Hygiene and Medical Supplies


Gravit’eau is an autonomous and easy to use systems to recycle water for handwashing using gravity only. The system is filled once. Afterwards, people can wash their hands during many weeks without need to refill the system. Refilling is required once a month only, minimizing the time required for maintenance of the systems.

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