Private sector involvement in renewable energy provision for Eritrean refugees in Tigray camps



Eritrean refugees in northern Ethiopia want to have a better access to sustainable energy and are willing to pay for a reliable service. ZOA is looking for private sector entities looking for new business opportunities.

Tigist, a 13-year old girl, is living already for 2 years in Hitsat camp in Ethiopia. She is lucky that she can attend school regularly, but as her days are full with household chores, she can only study in the evenings. She is eager to finish school and become a car mechanic. Unfortunately, her house does not have proper light and the woodfire does not provide good light (and does provide poor air).

An electricity system that is reliable, affordable and available all the time, would help her pursue her dreams. But right now, no such systems are available in her area. Money to pay for a system at once is not available, she does not know how to repair it if it breaks, nor does she know what would be a good solution for her situation.

Currently, she is dreaming of the day that somebody will show her an energy solution, that is
– affordable to her and her family
– of high quality and comes with a warranty
– is backed up by local technicians or companies that can repair or replace it quickly in case of defect
A solution that can help her realize her dream of becoming what she really wants.

ZOA is looking for private sector companies to create a sustainable access to household electricity to refugees in Tigray refugee camps.

Please respond latest 1st of December 2020
Harm Bouta – / +31659460658


This call will run on a rolling basis with the final deadline on 21st December 2020


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