Community Inclusion Currencies

We’re developing an open source pan-African response and recovery relief platform that allows aid workers and fragile communities to digitally receive payments, create and trade digital tokens (CICs), remotely track KPIs and access risk communications.

CIC usage has grown by 500% in urban areas in response to COVID with a total of 21K users in Kenya. Users self-register to receive CICs which are created on blockchain and guaranteed by reserves seeded by donors. Donors airdrop CICs into users’ mobile wallets, enabling donors to remotely pay salaries, transfer aid, and conduct COVID training. Communities trade CICs to access scarce goods and services.

Trading CICs is only available through USSD feature phones but we’re seeking to scale CICs by making them accessible over the Internet. CIC transactions are recorded on blockchain, analysed & displayed in a web-based dashboard. Aid workers access analytics to improve field activities. Pilot data shows a +10x impact over typical aid.



Location Kenya, Malawi, and Ethiopia
Solution stage Proof of concept developed
Business model Array
Organisations involved Danish Red Cross, Kenyan Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Accenture, Innovation Norway, Doen Foundation
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