Humanitarian Open Street Map

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is an international team dedicated to humanitarian action and community development through open mapping. HOT will be mapping the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Western Uganda to provide accurate maps to help healthcare workers in their tracking, treatment, and prevention of Ebola. Deploying machine-learning based algorithms, HOT will create 160,000 km² of detailed open-source maps, creating a single information data source for humanitarian agencies and communities.

HOT’s MissingMaps initiative aims to “place the world’s most vulnerable people on the map.” In partnership with Maxar, the world’s leading provider of high-resolution Earth imagery and data, HOT will trace satellite imagery and verify crowd-source data to improve the delivery of life-saving humanitarian aid and assistance. The MissingMaps initiative has supported responses to over 50 humanitarian crises across over 20 countries, adding an area home to 70 million people onto detailed maps. It’s nearly impossible to provide fast relief without knowing where people are affected and how to access them, but this innovation can be used to ensure that vulnerable populations are included on maps and thus accounted for in the identification and treatment of those affected by COVID-19. By ensuring that each individual is accounted for on a map, healthcare workers will have access to accurate data regarding the community they are serving, ensuring they have enough resources to conduct their work.

The maps will provide critical data for healthcare workers, humanitarian groups, government officials and other groups who are working to contain, manage and eradicate COVID-19.



Location Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Solution stage Proof of concept developed
Business model Array
Organisations involved OpenStreetMap, Maxar, Grand Challenges Canada
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