Africa GreenTec has developed a state-of-the-art mini grid approach to empower vulnerable communities to self-determination and growth through our integrated solutions of electricity (for houses and productive use), internet connection, street lights, clean water and agritec solutions for farmers (cooltainer and solar pumps).

It takes a holistic approach to tackle the barriers to energy generation in conflict zones:

  • Solartainer: a containerised, mobile, plug and play, mini-grid solar plant that provides a high capacity of electricity of up to 50 kWp, with Lithium-Ion battery storage (for night use), to power clinics, schools, SMEs and enable the communities to increase their productive uses of electricity, thereby enabling them to grow independently.
  • The Solartainer has an integrated satellite communication system to enable remote maintenance via internet & can be used to provide an internet connection to the communities at an affordable price.
  • In addition, we install street lights in the areas to increase safety during the night and that women and girls feel safer.


Location Niger, Mali, Senegal
Solution stage Mainstream solution
Business model Array
Organisations involved AGT Niger, AGT Mali
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