Face Mask Factory

In response to the shortage of medical face masks in the Netherlands and to be independent from factories on the other side of the world, Refugee Company has set up one of the first Dutch factories with the help of the Philips Foundation to produce high quality medical face masks. The masks, made of filter material from Philips semi-finished products and other raw materials, are produced in shifts by people with a refugee background. The aim is to produce 100,000 masks per day.

The masks will be produced by the social enterprise Mondmaskerfabriek, which was founded in the midst of the pandemic by four entrepreneurs – including Fleur Bakker, founder of Refugee Company – as a means to make up for the general shortage of medical face masks. The Mouth Mask Factory will only focus on the production of certified 3-layer surgical masks of the type IIR, which are suitable for regular hospital care, elderly care in nursing homes, and oral care.

To accelerate the production of quality masks, the Philips Foundation, together with microfinance company Qredit, has granted a loan to Refugee Company for the purchase of two machines with which the certified masks can be produced in the Netherlands.



Location Netherlands
Solution stage Proof of concept developed
Business model Array
Organisations involved Philips, Philips Foundation, Refugee Company
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