Strategic Hive

We believe that organisations that act as Strategic Hives can achieve more impact. Organisations working in international development aim to tackle complex issues in complex contexts. Successfully implementing projects despite these challenging circumstances requires experience, expertise and adaptability. Hence, it is imperative for international development organisations to use existing knowledge and build on lessons learned.

Unfortunately, learning does not happen automatically. Often times, there is no systematic approach to capturing experience and learnings. And so, a lot of valuable knowledge gets lost on the way.

Strategic Hive solves this challenge. The tool integrates learning into the implementation work of organisations and builds their collective organisational memory.

How it works?

  1. Strategic Hive enables users to systematically capture lessons, experiences and knowledge in parallel to their project implementation.
  2. Users can access the existing knowledge held within their organisations, share experiences, and apply learnings in work processes and decision making.

Ultimately, it turns organisations into Strategic Hives


Location Pending
Solution stage Proof of concept developed
Business model Array
Organisations involved STRHIVE B.V.
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